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Digital Twins in Manufacturing | Accelerating Design with Sierra Wireless Octave

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Live Webinar Event | Digital Twins in Manufacturing

An opportunity to hear from global IoT experts about how digital twin technology can accelerate manufacturing efficiency. And how a technology, which was once only accessible to global corporations, is now a viable option for small-to-medium size manufacturers looking to embrace Industry 4.0 to stay ahead of the competition.


Manufacturing in Australia is undergoing a significant step change. Challenged by political and socio-economic turmoil, manufacturers are looking for ways to become disruption-proof.

Globally, Deloitte is predicting a -5.4% decline for the sector in 2021. And while the take up of smart technologies like AI and industrial IoT are on the increase, the current climate is forcing manufacturers to consider even more transformative technologies.

Digital Twins is the next generation of IoT technology which is poised to disrupt the manufacturing sector. But while broadly understood, it has remained a hero technology – more part of the space race than the production line.

Digital Twins are vital to testing future scenarios, enhancing asset performance and proactively anticipating maintenance faults. Critically, they help to reduce operating costs and extend the life of machinery and equipment.

To understand how Digital Twins can help make your business disruption-proof, join us and our panel of industry experts, for a 40-minute webinar which will cover:


  • James Litjens, Associate Director Emerging Technologies at Arq Group
  • Benoit Tournier, Marketing and Business Development Director, IoT Solutions at Sierra Wireless

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    Simon Hunter Moderator

  • Guest speaker
    James Litjens Associate Director Emerging Technologies @ ARQ Group

  • Guest speaker
    Benoit Tournier Marketing and Business Development Director, IoT Solutions @ Sierra Wireless

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