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AMS - Pushing the Envelope of Image Sensing Applications in Industrial, Medical and Consumer Markets

About this event

The market for CMOS image sensors is accelerating thanks to increased performance at more attractive cost levels. As an innovation powerhouse, ams is launching 7 new products across 3 families. With best in-class optical performance and power efficiency, these image sensor products are perfectly suited to drive high growth in medical, industrial and consumer applications.

In the medical market, ams accelerates the transition from reusable to single use endoscopes with the new NanEyeM and NanEyeXS camera modules, offering a highly integrated solution with superior optical performance in a compact form factor at a competitive cost.

For consumer applications, the new NanEyeC offers the world’s smallest camera with an on-chip digital output. The expanding Mira product family enables the deployment of optical solutions in ever more consumer and professional products, thanks to high power efficiency, small form factors and industry-leading quantum efficiency in the visible and near infrared spectrum with superior image quality. At the system level, ams offers highly integrated reference designs and evaluation kits that encompass full solutions for 2D and 3D incl. VCSELs, dot projectors, time-of-flight sensors, flood illuminators, which facilitate fast time-to-market and reduced R&D costs.

In the industrial market, ams drives strong growth of 1D image sensors where increasing optical inspection performance enables higher quality in factory automation as well as enables the enormous growth of ecommerce with conveyor belts tracking QR codes at high speed. The new 4LS family of line-scan image sensors is a high-speed solution with more flexibility to suit these high growth applications. Finally, the recently launched ams CSG14K and CSG8K products are available for next-generation machine vision equipment.

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    Dina Aguiar ams @ Commercial Marketing Manager of the Business Line CIS

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