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Macnica ATD Europe invites you to their event

ICETANA - Motion Intelligence - Protecting people in front of the camera

About this event

24 billion hours of CCTV footage is generated every day and only ~2% is viewed in real-time. Safety and security operations are overwhelmed by this volume of data and critical events that impact people's safety and security are missed.

At icetana we cut through all the CCTV noise with our Motion IntelligenceTM AI to help make the world safer by finding the critical events that matter. With icetana you see what matters the most and you never miss a thing.

icetana is an AI driven video analytics solution for CCTV systems that dramatically improves active monitoring of security surveillance networks. icetana uses Motion IntelligenceTM to create Actionable AI event intelligence, this is the ~1% of critical events that require action to be taken.

In this presentation we will tell you about us and about how our technology helps make the world safer.

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  • Guest speaker
    MM G
    Maciej Mirecki Product Line Manager and Business Development Manager @ Macnica ATD Europe

  • Guest speaker
    SP G
    Sarah Payne Icetana

  • Guest speaker
    Matthew Macfarlane Chief Executive Officer @ Icetana

    Matt was the founding chief executive officer of icetana and returned to the role in September 2018. Matt is a Chartered Accountant and Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Matt is a successful entrepreneur, angel and venture capital investor and worked for over 10 years doing international cross-border mergers and acquisitions. In 2018 he was recognised by the West Australian IT and Telecoms Association (WAITTA) as the Pearcey Entrepreneur of the Year.

  • Guest speaker
    Chris Sarkar-Tyson Head of Partnerships & Sales @ Icetana

    Chris has a diverse background that has included; software development & consulting, business development and strategy. He is focussed on relationships, account management and strategy, with eighteen years' experience, working in software development & technology consulting, commercialising start-ups as well as R&D Grants/Incentives and Patentbox/Innovationbox programs.

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