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INNEREYE - Multimodal Brain-AI network for enhanced training and inference

About this event

Alongside the rapid adoption of AI-powered systems in manufacturing, security, healthcare and additional industries, the implementation of these systems has exposed complex operational and performance challenges and has emphasized the need for human involvement to overcome them. However, without direct human-machine interface and automated process that optimizes the combination of inputs from humans and machines, their collaboration will not be effective. In this webinar, we will present an innovative Brain-AI multimodal network, and will show how the information measured directly from the brain can contribute to improving the learning and the decision-making processes of AI systems and enable a productive and efficient human-AI collaboration in operation. We will share examples of multimodal networks for classification and anomaly detection tasks, demonstrating reduced training time and data, improved inference accuracy and robust continual learning implementation.

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    SA G
    Stephane Amrouche Macnica ATD Europe

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    Sergey Vaisman VP Research & Development @ InnerEye

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    Amir Geva Co-Founder & CTO @ InnerEye

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