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SONY - Image Sensor World – Capturing Everything

About this event

Sony Semiconductor Solutions in this webinar gives an exclusive product and technology update on the latest Sony developments for the imaging sector.

The first part highlights the latest Sony CMOS sensors for industrial uses including global shutter; rolling shutter and large format sensors of the Pregius and PregiusS lines with several new functions.

Secondly, the Webinar introduces the new short wave infrared sensors (SWIR) sensor line called SenSWIR.

The third part of the technology update includes event-based vision sensors (EVS), their characteristics, target applications and use cases.

Finally, Sony takes a look at their Time of Flight (ToF) sensor line-up with examples for industrial applications and potential other new markets for ToF sensor technology.  

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  • Guest speaker
    MU G
    Muhammad Umar Senior Software Engineer @ Sony

  • Guest speaker
    TY G
    Takahiro Yamamoto Senior Camera Application Engineer @ Sony

  • Guest speaker
    MO G
    Masafumi Okano Senior Camera Applications Engineer @ Sony

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