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NGI FORWARD SALON ON DATA&SEARCH: The future of Information and Search

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27th January 2021 - 17:00-19:00

NGI FORWARD SALON ON DATA & SEARCH : The Future of Information and Search



1) Vint Cerf (Google) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vint_Cerf

2) Loretta Anania (EC) https://www.dsimanifesto.eu/speakers/loretta-anania/

3) Sarah Hoffmann (OpenStreetMap)


4) Michiel Leenaars (NGI projects coordinator)https://nlnet.nl/people/leenaars.html

5)Pietro Lio’ (Department of Computer Science and Technology of the University of Cambridge) https://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/~pl219/

Moderation by Mantalena Kaili (ELONTech) and Rob van Kranenburg (IoT Council)


On January 27th we explore the following questions: What are the key needs of tomorrow’s search and discovery, what are the distributed infrastructure needs and how are algorithms that give ‘top’ results validated? What are the data policy guidelines and governance thereof? What are user’s unmet needs to 'discover' tomorrow's world ? Do diverse human languages and values play a local role in the global search context of zeroes and ones? And is there room for a citizens fair data deal that leads to reliable and verifiable information and data trusts? How do individual (eg right to be forgotten) and collective rights (to know) make searching more public, more transparent or more ethical by design?

By decentralising search & retrieval, and by making future acts machine-processed, and services composable in realtime, there still remains a wide gap to fill: to gain quality and discoverability. Open standards can help. Service composability joins multiple independent sources of federated search without a single search authority point of presence.

Ethical search would apply a variety of ethical filters to search results, plus mechanisms for collective action to feed those filters, making values transparent or visible inside future AI search. Trust benefits usage, instead of lamenting lack of trust in commercial providers like Amazon . In ‘The Age of Continuous Connection 24/7 it may be time to change our unsustainable business models.

We invite experts to give their recommendations for NGI. Three EU funded H2020 projects in this domain join this event: NGI FORWARD, NGI0 Discovery, and NGI Assure. We invite others to also join. The expected outcome is to contribute to the next generation EU research funding, a better understanding and cohesive EU efforts to submit innovative ideas for open calls. Meeting organizers include the IoT Council & Edgeryders for NGI FORWARD, NLnet Foundation for NGI Discovery and Assure and ELONTECH.

WE WANT YOUR INPUT AND IDEAS: Go tell.edgeryders.eu

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Should you wish to join us for further discussion,

you may subscribe for the online SALONS-WORKSHOPS,

at the BIG BLUE BUTTON Platform , hosted by TU. Delft

27th January 2021

1) 11:00 12:00 CET Worksop SEARCH Search and Ethics

Kickoff by Noémi Ványi (SEARX)


2) 13:00 14:00 CET Worksop SEARCH Search and (hyper) locality

Kickoff by Sarah Hoffmann (OpenStreetMap)


3) 15:00 16:00 CET Worksop SEARCH Search and Internet of Things

Kickoff by Michael Christen (YaCy)



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