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Dialogues on Digital Identity: Drivers of the Digital Transition: data, identity and cybersecurity

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Dialogues on Identity ,


Salon: Drivers of the Digital Transition: data, identity and cybersecurity,

by NGI Forward and ELONTech

By assembling the building blocks we want to achieve the 'overtone' which is creating an NGI attitude, a way of looking at the digital transition in Europe that coherently makes the key topics - Trustworthy Information Flows, Decentralized Power on the Internet, Personal Data Control, An Inclusive Internet, Competitive European Ecosystems and Ethical Internet Technology, Safer Online Environments and Sustainable and Climate-friendly Internet - actionable for local (city), regional, national and EU policy makers, guiding for technology enablers and 'comforting' to a larger audience, meaning we explain the fast developments in such a way as they remain close to everyday life, especially given the economic situation in many countries due to lockdowns and the role of technology in trends in work and employment.

Moderators: Rob van Kranenburg (NGI Forward) and Mantalena Kaili (Elontech)


Irene Hernandez, Founder and CEO of GATACA will talk about her solution and a #verifier-universal-interface, the WG group she started on Interoperability in the ESSIF lab NGI project.



Petros Kavassalis, Associate Professor at University of the Aegean,  will talk about Disposable Yet Official Identities and his work on cross border identification as well as innovative industrial solutions involving identity management.



Thibault Verbiest, Fintech & Blockchain lawyer, discusses the IOUR foundation, which aims to build With new internationally standardized protocols, "a network that guarantees universal resources and rights for all, fostering systems of organization that are truly decentralized and respectful of fundamental rights."



Anubha Sinha

Senior Programme Manager at Centre for Internet and Society


Digital Identity, A Survey of Technologies


Daniël Du Seuil

Convenor European Self Sovereign Identity Framework (EBSI) at European Blockchain Partnership



Salons are intended as context , content and fact finding open conversations. They do not reflect official NGI policy.

A short report of our recent Salon at Internet of Things World Solutions Barcelona is here: https://www.ngi.eu/news/2020/12/08/disposable-identities-and-digital-twins/

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    Rob Kranenburg IoT Council

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    Mantalena Kaili

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    Irene Hernandez Gataca

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    Thibault Verbiest IOUR

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    Petros Kavassalis Professor at University of the Aegean

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    Daniel Du Seuil Convenor European Self Sovereign Identity Framework (EBSI) @ European Blockchain Partnership

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    Anubha Sinha Centre for Internet and Society

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