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NGI Forward SALON Foundationals: On Participation with Federico Bonelli

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On Participation, with Federico Bonelli.

Trasformatorio is a laboratory, artistic in scope, were I have experimented ways to create site-specific arts. Is named Trasformatorio because we believed that the scope of genuine art is to engage transformation. The scope was to create a laboratory for enacting transformations. A Laboratory from latin Laboratorium, a place/space/time to work in. Work is a term that has many meanings in our tradition, not only the synonymous of labour. There is the work you do on yourself, the work you do for others, the work of the actor to possess their character’s actions upon the textual matter of the play. Work is what you do with presence, intent and quality. And these tree concepts, among others are what the artist is busy with most of the time.

I worked with technology, most of the time hacking together from pieces that were intended for something else, rarely doing twice the same operation. I studied many things for many different reasons, rarely the canonical ones.  When I was exposed to the current methodologies for innovation and design I felt that a big occasion was missing. That there was a coherent corpus of reality bending techniques I had become aware in the field of arts that where watched over by the hype cycle prone industry of innovation. I began using them and cross pollinating. I am still doing it in many ways.

The inspiration for this talk is a paper co-authored with Sabrina Sauer titled "Collective improvisation as a means to responsibly govern serendipity in social innovation processes" published in the Journal of Responsible Innovation in 2020.


We have been arguing for about a decade now that current governance structures must transform into semi-organized networks with flat and efficient properties, embrace disruptive technologies by disambiguating  the productive functions to slow down, to mediate, to look for balance in long term, mid and  short  term  of  bureaucracy  and  democratic  politics  from their  current  actualizations  that  have  become  ineffective  in  a 'real-time' world.

We are in need of new forms of building trust through participatory assemblages in a situation where power and resources are re- negotiated


Gluhak, van Kranenburg

New instruments of governance for our societies.

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