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Workshop by GRIDS & eIB Projects : Identity Attributes and KYC: the transition to eIDAS 2.0 and AMLR era

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Identity Attributes and KYC: the transition to eIDAS 2.0 and AMLR era

The teams of GRIDS(increasinG tRust with eId for Developing buSiness) * and eIB(eIDAS enabled i-banking) ** projects are welcoming you to the Workshop :

The objective of this workshop is to inform policy-makers and industry stakeholders on the latest policy developments in the area of remote identity management and KYC, and identify critical technology needs and design principles for emerging decentralized technologies. The workshop is expected to address the need of policy makers and stakeholders to understand the ongoing shifting landscape as a result of the increasing digitization of the financial and regulation sector (Fintech, Regtech) while focusing on practical cases bundling eID with KYC and other attributes and assets.

Moderator: Petros Kavassalis, UAegean


14:00 - 14:30

Welcoming Remarks by Petros Kavassalis, UAegean


About GRIDS Overview, by Juan Carlos Perez Baun, ATOS, Spain

eIB Activity 6 - Financial digital onboarding on eIDAS era, by Romano Stasi, Managing Director ABI Lab, Italy

14:30 - 16:30 Guest Speakers (more to be announced soon)

Michal Hrbaty, European Commission (DG CNECT) " European Digital Identity Framework"

Emiliano Anzellotti, ECSA e-ID Task Co-Chair and ABI Lab, Italy "European Banking Sector position on EU eID"

Stephane Mouy, SGM Consulting & ETSI, France

Michael Adams, Quali-Sign, UK

Chiara Bacci, European COmmission (DG FISMA) , "AMLR update"

Peter Bainbridge-Clayton, Kompany, Austria "KYB and AML, establishing Business Identity for Regulated Industries"

Eric Wagner, Raiffeisen Bank International, Austria , "eID and CBDC – dependencies and synergies"

Ralf Ohlhausen, PPRO, Germany "Online & Offline Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)"

Nikos Triantafyllou, Univ. of the Aegean (i4m Lab), Greece "GRIDS in vivo"


Discussion Luca Boldrin, InfoCert, Italy

Closing Remarks by Marie Markosian, Financial Innovation and Digital Policy Advisor Office of MEP Eva Kaili. European Parliament

Key related events/documents:

Announcement of EU common eID (eIDAS 2,0) : 26 May

European Digital Identity | European Commission (europa.eu)

AML adaptation to remote identification and verification: 20 July

Anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism legislative package | European Commission (europa.eu)

ECSAs response to the Commission’s “Have Your Say” consultation On the Proposal for a Regulation establishing a framework for a European Digital Identity

DV04_ECSAs e-ID TF_COM Have Your Say on DI Regulation - Final - CLEAN (002).docx - Google Docs

Reports of the expert group on eID and KYC processes

Reports of the expert group on eID and KYC processes | Shaping Europe’s digital future (europa.eu)

Goldman Sachs report on eID-based CBDC: already published

A Status Report on Central Bank Digital Currencies Around the World (Mericle/Nicolae) (gspublishing.com)

Why CBDCs will likely be ID-based | Financial Times (ft.com)

BIS, 2021, CBDC: the quest for minimally invasive technologies

Central bank digital currency: the quest for minimally invasive technology (bis.org)

M. Adams et al, 2021, An integrated approach for Electronic Identification and Central Bank Digital Currencies

integrated_cbdc_eid-21-02-07_draft_pending_publication.pdf (quali-sign.com)

Event Organization: Made Group ( www.madegroup.co )

The workshop is organized jointly from GRIDS project and eIB project

*GRIDS (increasinG tRust with eID for Developing buSiness): GRIDS aims at simplifying the online remote onboarding of individual and business customers, mostly SMEs,. It specifically allows business platforms to enlarge their customer base across borders providing access to a secure digital environment where transaction participants are reliably identified and authenticated. GRIDS provides electronic one-stop-shop solutions for a complete and accurate KYC screening -including not only company information and documents (name, register number, country/jurisdiction, court or legal form) but also the identification of natural and legal persons through effective access to the cross-border functionalities of a well-established eID DSI and eIDAS core service platform.

**eIB (eIDAS enabled i-banking): eIB aims at developing a business process model for automating the process of opening a new customer and bank account cross – border. It will design and develop a new generation of cross-border e-banking services by creating an eIDAS enabled value chain, an "i-marketplace", where a Bank and Retail Service Providers (operating in different locations across the EU) collaborate in real-time to identify users with high level of assurance, via their eIDAS identifiers, exchange assets and information and ultimately offer banking products and automated e-services.

The project is funded by the Connection Europe Facility (CEF) - Telecommunications Sector - Agreement number INEA/CEF/ICT/A2019/1926018

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    RO G
    Ralf Ohlhausen

    Ralf Ohlhausen is the founder of PayPractice advising Payment Service Providers, notably PPRO and Tink, with a focus on Open Banking. Previously, he was Chief Strategy Officer at PPRO and President Europe for SafetyPay.

  • Guest speaker
    MA G
    Michael Adams Quali-Sign

    Michael Adams is the founder of Quali-Sign Ltd., specialists in mobile apps for eID and PSD2 SCA.

  • Guest speaker
    PB G
    Peter Bainbridge-Clayton Kompany

    Peter Bainbridge-Clayton is the CTO and co-founder of 360kompany AG. Peter was the chief enterprise architect at the UK business register, Companies House during their transformation into a modern system.

  • Guest speaker
    LB G
    Luca Boldrin InfoCert

    Luca Boldrin, PhD, presently investigates innovation trends and manages research initiatives for InfoCert, the largest EU qualified trust service provider

  • Guest speaker
    MM G
    Marie Markosian

  • Guest speaker
    PK G
    Petros Kavassalis Professor at University of the Aegean

  • Guest speaker
    JP G
    Juan Carlos Perez Baun ATOS

    GRIDS project coordinator. Researcher in the Blockchain, Identity & Privacy Unit of Atos Research and Innovation department.

  • Guest speaker
    SM G
    Stephane Mouy SGM Consulting

    Stéphane MOUY is the founder and president of SGM Consulting, a digital transition consultancy focusing on e-trust services and eKYC processes for the financial services sector.

  • Guest speaker
    RS G
    Romano Stasi ABI Lab

    Romano Stasi is Managing Director of ABI Lab, the Italian banking research and innovation centre. He is also founder and Director of CERTFin, the national centre of excellence on cyber security for the banking sector

  • Guest speaker
    RL G
    Ross Little ATOS

  • Guest speaker
    MH G
    Michal Hrbaty

    Michal Hrbaty is Legal and Policy Officer at the European Commission (DG CNECT) involved in the implementation of the eIDAS framework and its revision process cocluded in the proposal on the EU digital ID framework

  • Guest speaker
    EA G
    Emiliano Anzellotti cO-cHAIR @ ECSA e-ID Task

  • Team member
    Made Group non profit civil company

    for social innovation and creative synergies

  • Guest speaker
    NT G
    Nikos Triantafyllou UAegean

    Nikos Triantafyllou is a senior researcher with the University of the Aegean | i4m Lab, with significant experience in software engineering specifically in the fields of e-identity management systems (eIDAS eID enabled applications and self sovereign identity technologies).

  • Guest speaker
    EW G
    Eric Wagner Raiffeisen Bank International

    Mag. Dr. Eric Wagner is product owner of anti-money laundering and sanctions at Raiffeisenbank International AG.

  • Guest speaker
    CB G
    Chiara Bacci

    Chiara Bacci works as a policy officer in the European Commission’s (DG for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union). Chiara is part of the team dealing with the EU anti-money laundering framework and the supervision of EU obliged entities.

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