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MadKudu invites you to its webinar

Generating Sales Pipeline through Webinars

About this webinar

Webinars offer a great way for prospects to learn more about the value of your product without having to commit to a discovery call. At the intersection of product marketing and demand generation, Webinars can become an essential part of your buyer journey if they are done right.

In this co-hosted session, Livestorm & MadKudu are teaming up to bring you the science of organizing a webinar. In this 30-minute ssesion, we'll cover:

1) LiveStorm's best practices for how to launch & promote a successful webinar

2) MadKudu's tactics for scoring webinar registrants & following up in a meaningful and relevant way

If you're using Webinars today or thinking about it, bring your questions & notepad for this master class in Webinar organization.

Hosted by

  • Team member
    KR T
    Kevin Rabesaotra Growth Engineer @ MadKudu

  • Guest speaker
    Gilles Bertaux Co-founder, CEO @ Livestorm

    Co-Founder/CEO @Livestormapp


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