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Engineering Demand with Intelligent Customer Data

About this webinar

You’ve bought the best tools. You’ve hired the best teams. You’ve bought the data enrichment and tracking tools. Now what?

In this Hull-MadKudu webinar, we’re going to share the process we see across the fastest growing teams in SaaS - how they make their tools, teams & data work seamlessly together to drive outsized growth.

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    Paul Cothenet CTO @ MadKudu

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    Ed Fry Growth @ Hull

    'Ed of Growth & 1st Hire @hull: Customer data engineering for marketing ops }} https://www.hull.io Marketing speaker. Flight hacker. 1st Hire @inboundorg 🍾📈🛫


MadKudu predicts the value of every lead wherever they are in the funnel, helping marketing leaders to quickly assess their marketing programs and adjust spend and efforts accordingly. MadKudu brings the value of data science and predictive analytics to modern marketers.