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Revenue Roundtable: Driving sales and marketing alignment through revenue truth

About this event

We’ve all heard the age old tale “sales and marketing are not aligned,” sources say up to 90% of sales and marketing teams believe they are misaligned.

But according to Forrester, companies with high levels of alignment realize 2.4x higher revenue growth and 2x higher growth in profitability.

This problem feels almost ‘unsolvable,’ but we’ve seen the massive impact that revenue automation intelligence can have on building alignment on these teams around revenue truth.

Hear from top revenue leaders on how they create a shared language between marketing and sales that increases efficiency.

What you’ll learn

In this roundtable we will discuss:

  • Biggest blockers to revenue team alignment
  • The introduction of shared revenue truth
  • How to operationalize this truth between teams, specifically in the sales and marketing hand off
  • What role each team plays in driving great alignment around revenue

Who this webinar is for

  • Marketing leaders
  • Sales leaders
  • Ops leaders

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Shannon Curran VP Marketing @ MadKudu

  • Guest speaker
    Damien Couennaux Enterprise Account Executive @ Maze

  • Guest speaker
    Mallory Lee VP, Operations @ Nylas


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