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Unlocking Product-Led Growth With Smart Segmentation

About this event

Have you hit a plateau in scaling your Product-Led Growth success?

In a Product-led Growth motion, the onboarding journey isn’t linear. Ignoring the patterns that illuminate the unique journeys and multiple funnels for buyers is limiting your PLG growth. It’s time to optimize for the individual, not the average.

Join us on June 16 to discover how to scale your PLG strategy through informed funnel segmentation.

Eric Keating, VP of Marketing at Appcues, and Francis Brero, Co-Founder and CPO at MadKudu, will share stories of PLG success (and failure) and discuss how to:

  • Segment your users and align to their unique journey
  • Rethink lead and account scoring in the context of PLG
  • Personalize and make the journey frictionless

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  • Guest speaker
    Eric Keating VP Marketing @ Appcues

  • Team member
    Francis Brero


MadKudu predicts the value of every lead wherever they are in the funnel, helping marketing leaders to quickly assess their marketing programs and adjust spend and efforts accordingly. MadKudu brings the value of data science and predictive analytics to modern marketers.