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Financial freedom in service, transition and retirement

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Across five deployments, Wayne Bemet and his wife Bridget used the extra tax-free income that comes with deployment to buy a car, get married, fund a house deposit, pay down debt and boost savings.

“I grew up in modest circumstances, in housing commission on the Central Coast,” 47-year-old Bemet says. “Mum and Dad did their best but went without a lot. As a result, I always wanted to have my own house. That was a burning desire.”

The goal made deployment easier. And it paid off – Wayne now says he and Bridget are financially independent.

Wayne’s story is not unusual – it’s an ideal but is not always achievable. 

Recent RSL NSW veteran research found that one in five veterans under 50 say they are using or will need financial assistance.

Register for ‘Financial freedom in service, transition and retirement’, to see a practical, insightful conversation with veterans and financial advisers on:

  • How they managed the financial  impact of transitioning out of defence 
  • The steps they took before and after leaving defence careers that helped them build financial independence
  • What veterans at any stage can do now to work towards financial freedom

Registration also provides access to the on-demand webinar after the event.

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