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How to build skills for business and employment: Tips from recent veterans

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Veterans Hudson Fysh and Paul McGinness were given an assignment at the end of WWI: survey an air race across northern Australia. As they drove more than 2,000km setting up supply dumps for the competitors, they developed the idea that would become Qantas.

Fysh and McGinness were no aberration – veterans make excellent entrepreneurs. As Aspen Medical founder Glenn Keys told Reveille readers last year, military training in understanding complex issues and delivering solutions is the perfect preparation for business.

Join a panel of recent veterans turned entrepreneurs as they discuss what inspired each of them to start their businesses and how they have done it, how they use their military experience in entrepreneurship and leadership, the challenges they have faced and how they have overcome them, and more.

Host: Nicki Young: EGM Veteran Services, RSL LifeCare


  • Peter Liston, Trust the Process, Veteran Community Business Chamber
  • Alan Toner, EcoWalks Tours
  • Jeremy Holder, TacMed Australia

Register for ‘How to build skills for business and employment: Tips from recent veterans’, to see Nicki lead a practical, insightful conversation covering:

  • Where the veterans found inspiration and ideas to start their own businesses
  • How they bridged skills and knowledge gaps to start-up and scale-up their businesses
  • How they translated their ADF experiences into civilian capabilities
  • The value of their leadership experience in entrepreneurship
  • How RSL NSW and RSL LifeCare programs can can support veterans with career counselling, coaching, training and upskilling before and after transition

Registration also provides access to the on-demand webinar after the event.

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RSL NSW is a member-based charity comprising 320 sub-Branches providing support to veterans and their families, and connecting veterans in need to an array of services provided by our partner, RSL LifeCare.