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The Great Email AI Debate – Round One: Marketers vs. Bots

About this event

Will artificial intelligence (AI) make life easier for email marketers? Or will bots be coming for our jobs? Many email geeks are asking those questions while watching the rise of ChatGPT and the race to make AI technology mainstream.

So, is email AI a good thing or the beginning of the end? Join ActionRocket and Sinch Email as we duke it out over the evolution of email marketing strategy and copywriting.

Who (or what) will write marketing emails in the future?

To help us answer some of the big questions around AI and email, we’re bringing together a pair of experienced marketers with unique opinions.

In one corner, we’ve got ActionRocket Lead Copywriter Nicole Holden. She believes technology like ChatGPT could be a useful email marketing tool. Nicole says AI can make marketers more efficient and maybe even more creative.

In the other corner, we have Mailjet by Sinch Email Marketing Manager Julia Ritter. She sees the benefit of using ChatGPT to speed things up, but she worries about the ramifications of relying too heavily on AI. Julia thinks replacing human marketers with bots could be a major mistake.

Here’s what else we’ll debate:

  • Is ChatGPT any good at writing email subject lines and CTAs?
  • Could using AI in email marketing cause deliverability issues?
  • How are email marketers already using artificial intelligence?
  • What are the biggest benefits and potential pitfalls of using AI in email marketing?
  • Can email AI be stopped?

Register now to attend live or watch the video on-demand after the event. We’ll also be taking questions from webinar attendees at the end of the live debate.

Already have a question you want to ask? Email us and we’ll be sure to add to the list.

Don’t miss the second webinar in this series when we find out if AI can code campaigns. The Great Email AI Debate – Round Two: Email Geeks vs. ChatGPT takes place April 5th at 9:00 AM (CDT)/3:00 PM (GMT).

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  • Guest speaker
    Nicole Holden Lead Copywriter @ ActionRocket

  • Guest speaker
    Julia Ritter Email Marketing Manager @ Mailjet by Sinch

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    Mailgun by Sinch

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