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Delano Live Chat: LGBT on top

About this event

In 2021, where are we, in terms of fully embracing people of every background within our organisations?

We hear from three C-Level executives, each of whom have successfully navigated through their business lives whilst also being part of the LGBT community. What challenges did they face and how did they deal with them? Now they are at the top, what advice can they provide to others who may be wondering how open to be at work?


  • Ninian Wilson (CEO of Vodafone Procurement Luxembourg)
  • Enrique Sacau (CEO of KNEIP)
  • Barbara Agostino is the Owner and Founder of Creche Barbara.
  • Jim Kent (Moderator)

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    Jim Kent Business Developer @ Maison Moderne

  • Guest speaker
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    Barbara Agostino

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    Paperjam + Delano Club Maison Moderne

    Premier club d'affaires du Luxembourg avec plus de 250 événements/an pour 1300 sociétés membres.

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    Enrique Sacau

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    Ninian Wilson

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