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DIGIVET Social Enterprise Workshop

About this event

The MADPL director, Graham Nicholls, has been involved in European Funded projects since 2004 and has raised over €3,000,000 for organisations across Europe. After a period of dormancy, MADPL is developing and promoting training programmes to make the director's experience more widely available to other organisations across Europe and the UK in their pursuit of funding.

In this webinar you will learn the principles that underpin the creation of new projects, new social enterprises and even steps to create your own enterprise. These were taken from the "Social Innovator" document (download link below).

The webinar is targeted at trainers and educators working with those furthest from the labour market. They can use this webinar to help disadvantaged women to understand the principles of social economy, be familiar with the process of social innovation and how to put it into practice. They will gain confidence in how to create a social, entrepreneurial, or work-at-home project that can address their own and local community social/economical needs.

Resources required to deliver the workshop after viewing the webinar:

  • separate tables with a facilitator at each table to split the group into smaller groups.
  • Paper and writing materials.
  • Reference sheet for suggested ideas.
  • Background: The Social Innovator PDF document

More information about this project can be found at http://www.digiveteu.com

Resources in support of this webinar can be found here:




Use the scenarios for beneficiary groups to use the 6-steps outlined in the webinar to "create" their own enterprise. Ask the students to think of their own scenario - what they would like to create. At the end of the session each group can feed back to the others how they have planned their "enterprise".

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