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Building Indie Companies with no-code, with Kate Kendall of Indie Labs, Cloud Peeps and The Fetch.

About this event

We're going live with Kate Kendall from Indie Labs, The Fetch, Cloud Peeps and Atto.vc to discuss the new state of building companies without code.

We'll cover how Kate is building The Fetch as well as discussing her insights on company building and remote work.

In this session we will...

  • Discuss Kate's project, The Fetch, and how it's utilizing no-code.
  • Discuss online accelerators and events (Atto.vc).
  • Chat about remote work and company building.
  • Keep 20 min for Q&A from the community

Come tune in, ask questions and see behind the scenes of some of her companies.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Kate Kendall Founder @ Cloud Peeps

    I’m a British-Australian entrepreneur, community builder, writer, and advisor.

  • Team member
    Makerpad Team Makerpad



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