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Design thinking: how to create a sustainable value proposition that will attract your target client

About this event

It is important to find yourself in the process of building a sustainable business. Every successful freelance career begins with a deep understanding of self. What is something you love doing and is carried by your true authentic self and what value does it bring to your person? That’s your Zone of Genius.

Once you got the tools to figure out your Zone of Genius, presented in this webinar, you get to work on the Value Proposition for your target client. What are you offering exactly with your business, what pain points does it solve and what gains are your customers walking away with?

This way you will learn more about the core of your offer connected to who you are and give design thinking methods at hand to define the Value Proposition for your target client. This might give you a good starting point to get to know your customers on a deeper level and build human-centred products and services.

About the Guest speaker:

Alex Wolf (she/they) is an innovation consultant & coach and is primarily concerned with transformation processes of organizations towards sustainable, resilient economic and business models. Since training at the Hasso Plattner Institute, Alex has been using Design Thinking methods to methodically combine the various content areas and support individuals and teams in specifically identifying and understanding problems in order to further accompany them in the creative process of finding and developing solutions.

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