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Malt x COMATCH x Canva | Build your personal brand

About this event

Great visibility online and establishing yourself as a trusted personal brand will benefit your business in multiple ways:

You will be less dependent on client recommendations, potential customers and partners will be much more likely to find you, you will score with your unique, unmistakable style, and much more.

Becoming an easily recognisable personal brand requires, among other things, attitude, profound values, time and strategy. And, of course, content. Lots of professionally designed content.

If you haven’t started building your personal brand yet, or if you already have some experience but could still do with additional time-saving tips and tricks regarding your strategy and content creation process, this webinar is exactly for you.

Rebecca Flint, Senior Community at Canva Sydney, will guide you through fundamental personal branding concepts and the processes involved in their real-world execution, as well as show you first-hand examples of how you can easily create personal branding content on the Canva graphic design platform.

A roughly 40-minute long introduction will be followed by approximately 20 minutes of content creation tips and tricks in Canva Pro, while the last 15 minutes will be set aside for a Q&A to answer all your most pressing questions.

Sign up for our webinar and learn how to quickly and intuitively build your own personal brand and set course for success in just over an hour. A little gift from Canva is also waiting for you.

Rebecca Flint, Senior Community Manager at Canva:

Rebecca is a Senior Community Manager at Canva, based out of Sydney. With a strong emphasis on educating and inspiring business owners, Rebecca is also a Canva Certified Speaker, speaks at events and hosts online workshops teaching people all about branding, design and of course Canva. Rebecca has also worked as agency owner and creative director for over two decades.

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