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Mama Glow Webinar: Insights and Guidance on Infant Feeding and Immune Health

About this event

What an infant eats plays an important role in establishing a healthy microbiome and immune system for them. Human milk contains powerful nutrients that are individualized to support infants' needs. Human milk also contains important bacteria and probiotics that are critical to the development of the infant gut microbiome and immune system. There is a small yet critical window where we can lay the foundation for long term health for our newborns. Learn how you can protect and improve gut health to help your baby get a great start!

In this webinar we will explore:

  • How to support healthy infant digestive and immune function
  • How breastmilk influences the infant gut biome
  • Feeding practices to optimize infant health
  • Effect of maternal diet on human milk
  • Strategies for creating optimal conditions for breastfeeding/chestfeeding
  • How to protect formula feeders

And so much more!

We will be in conversation with the following panelists:

  • Charnise B. Littles, B.S., IBCLC, LD, Executive Director at Birth and Milk Co
  • Carrie McGuckin, BSN, RNC-NIC, Sales Director, Evivo
  • Jennifer Jolorte Doro, Chiyo co-founder and Chief Culinary Officer
  • Latham Thomas - Founder of Mama Glow (moderator)

This webinar is presented by:

We will Giveaway a 3 Month Supply of Evivo® Infant Probiotic Powder (Value $225)

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  • Guest speaker
    Jennifer Jolorte Doro Co-founder and Chief Culinary Officer @ Chiyo

    Born and raised in Southern California to Filipino parents, Jennifer Jolorte Doro is using Eastern food therapy to change how we nourish mothers in America. A clinical nutritionist, postpartum chef, certified birth doula, and lactation counselor by training, Jolorte Doro provides a spin on what nutritious meals should look like for women from fertility to postpartum – in a way that's still exciting and discovery-driven. She holds a B.A. in political science and history of public policy from the University of California Santa Barbara and a masters of science in nutrition with a concentration in clinical nutrition from the Maryland University of Integrative Health. Her passion is to feed the mother. She is a mother of a 4-year old and a 19 month old – and lives in the Hudson Valley with her husband.

  • Guest speaker
    Carrie McGuckin, BSN, RNC-NIC Sales Director @ Evivo - Infinant Health

    Carrie completed her Associates in Nursing from Saddleback College in Mission Viejo, CA and was accepted into the highly competitive RN Residency Program at Children’s Hospital of Orange County. As a bedside nurse she helped care for infants and advocated for families and patients for 5 years before transferring to Kaiser Permanente Anaheim Medical Center. While at Kaiser, Carrie completed her Bachelors of Nursing from Western Governors University and received advanced certification in neonatal nursing. She continued to advocate for families as a bedside nurse and relief charge nurse. It was at Kaiser that Carrie learned of Evivo’s compelling science from a patient’s father, and she jumped on the opportunity to join Infinant Health.

  • Guest speaker
    Charnise B. Littles, B.S., IBCLC, LD Executive Director @ Birth and Milk Co.

    Charnise has over 8 years of experience in maternal and child health, including 7 years of providing lactation support and 4 years of providing birth support. She earned her Bachelors in Health Science and Health Education from Howard University and is currently pursuing a Master In Public Health from The George Washington University. Charnise is passionate about providing sensitive and culturally competent care to all the families she serves! One of her biggest challenges was finishing undergraduate studies while working two jobs and breastfeeding!

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    Mama Glow Mama Glow

    Mama Glow is a global maternal health platform serving birthing people along the childbearing continuum. Through doula training programs Mama Glow is cultivating the next generation of birth workers.

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Mama Glow is a global maternal health platform serving birthing people along the childbearing continuum. Through doula training programs Mama Glow is cultivating the next generation of birth workers.