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Launching Globus Knowledge Platform: Learning from the experiences of transnational cultural practitioners

About this event

Nordic Culture Fund is delighted to invite you to the Launching Globus Knowledge Platform: Learning from the experiences of transnational cultural practitioners webinar, presenting a new digital platform that shares knowledge and insights from the Fund’s Globus programme.

The platform has been developed as a framework and knowledge base for actors working within today’s global arts and culture scene. It explores key challenges and potentials related to working transnationally in the cultural field, and presents a set of pathways an opportunity spaces that can inspire other funders, cultural organisations and policy institutions in supporting purposeful and reciprocal collaborations.

The Globus platform is a continuation of the Nordic Culture Fund’s long-term efforts in developing new approaches to funding transnational artistic and cultural collaborations. The insights on the platform build on the situated experiences expressed by the various practitioners within the Globus programme. The research and knowledge gathering has been conducted by global strategy-design consultancy Manyone/Bespoke.

About the Nordic Culture Fund and Globus:

The Nordic Culture Fund is a catalyst for arts and culture in the Nordic region, working in the area of Nordic and international cultural co-operation since 1966 on the basis of an agreement between the Nordic countries. The Nordic Culture Fund supports, creates, and participates in the promotion, development, and communication of knowledge of art and culture, and engages in strategic collaborations that have the potential to be policy-developing in the Nordic Region and beyond.

Globus is the Nordic Culture Fund’s thematic funding initiative between 2020 and 2025, designed to give artists and cultural actors new opportunities to engage in cross-border collaborations. With Globus the Fund aims to facilitate deep and sustainable networks, working with a more flexible approach to the temporal aspect and open-ended practices in the tradition of arts funding, simultaneously embracing the local and the global.

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