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🇬🇧 MASTERCLASS - How to accelerate the integration of Marketplace payment solutions

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How to accelerate the integration of Marketplace payment solutions

Whether you are launching a Marketplace from scratch, or adding a payment solution to an existing Marketplace, the integration of this critical service takes time, and delays your time-to-market. This is a major hurdle in any Marketplace project.

✅  What are the different payment solutions for Marketplaces?

✅  Where and how should payment solutions be integrated?

✅  Why does it typically take a significant time to integrate a payment solution in a Marketplace?

✅  How can the integration be accelerated?

✅  How can the payment workflows be streamlined?

What you'll learn:


What are the different Marketplace payment solutions available?


What are the steps in payment integration?


How can you accelerate integrations using an iPaaS?

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