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πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ RETAIL: how to launch a Marketplace from A to Z?

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The Marketplace model is a great opportunity for retailers to accelerate their digital transformation, better address the customers needs and maintain their competitive edge. However, a Marketplace project impacts the overall organization.

In this webinar, Chief Digital Officers and Project Manager will learn the best practices to launch a Marketplace with more ease.

What will you learnΒ 


What is involved in a Marketplace project? How to secure the change management?


How can you accelerate the IT integration?


How Electro Depot launched its Marketplace Reconomia

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    Nadjim Saimi Lead Acquisition @ Marjory

    Expert in Marketplace workflow automation

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    Rabie El Hassani VP of Sales - EMEA @ Marjory


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