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🇬🇧 Q&A - Tips and advice: Improve your seller management to grow your GMV

About this event

Did you know that a seller onboarding costs about $1000 to the Marketplace operator ? How these costs can be optimized ? How to ease and accelerate the seller onboarding ?

During our Q&A session, you will have the opportunity to ask your Marketplaces questions to our Experts : Guillaume Conrate, Client Success and Consulting Director @Marjory (Ex-Auchan & Ex-La Redoute) and Guillaume Bienfait, Product Manager @Marjory (Ex-Leroy Merlin & Ex-La Redoute)

Here are the topics discussed in the session :

  1. Sellers sourcing (how to source and select your sellers,...)
  2. Sellers onboarding (KYC,...)
  3. Sellers payments (retribution, existing solutions, how to ease the processes,...)
  4. Sellers retainment (how to improve seller's loyalty to your Marketplace,...)

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    MV T
    Mathis Vansantberghe Motion designer

  • Team member
    Guillaume Bienfait Product Manager @ Marjory

    Expert Marketplace, avec des expériences opérationnelles (LaRedoute,, comme de conduite de projets techniques et de formation (Ceetrus, Leroy-Merlin, Bricoman), je dédie maintenant ces connaissances à la construction du software Marjory

  • Team member
    Guillaume Conrate Client success & consulting Director @ Marjory

    Web and Marketplace Expert (15 years). Former Marketplace Manager of Auchan France (first french Omnichanel Marketplace). I also worked for the launch of other complex Marketplace projects such as La Redoute, or Reconomia. Skills: business strategy, project & team management


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