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Materials for an Extreme Future: May 2020

About this event

Materials for an Extreme Future

From unprecedented brush and forest fires to record-breaking rainfalls, the effects of global warming will require us to adapt and prepare for an intense future.

Material ConneXion’s Dr. Andrew Dent will be hosting discussions surrounding material and technology solutions that address the extremes we will continue to face: temperature, wetter conditions, and overpopulation, as well as pollution and bacterial/viral threats.

( ! ) This event will be recorded and made available to all academic members. Student registration is not required.


Schedule + Guest Panelists

Wednesday, May 27th / 11am EDT

Solving The Plastic Waste Problem with Manuel Rendon

Manuel Rendon, Co-founder, Chairman, & CEO of Timeplast™ Manuel is a former PepsiCo executive and environmental engineer with a major in chemistry. He has been devoted to developing new approaches to help solve environmental issues ever since his days in college. He is the Co-founder and Inventor of Timeplast™ and Zeroplast and owns the only known patent in the world for the molecular degradation of plastic; (U.S. Patent # US9181412). In addition, his technology is the first in the history of the American Plastic Recyclers Association to pass their Critical Guidance Protocol while also addressing the end-of-life issues that plastic pollution is causing. His technology has been proven and tested in Woods End Laboratories, Datapoint Labs, Avomeen Analytical services, Plastic Forming Enterprises and others.

Timeplast™ specializes in enhancing several properties of plastics through the computerized delivery of liquid additives that alter the molecular structure of fossil-based polymers during extrusion. A Timeplast™ altered product has been converted to wax by the time it reaches the consumers hand. The principal goal at Timeplast™ is to safeguard and protect the environment by reducing the environmental footprint of plastic manufacturing. Learn more about Timeplast™ →

Wednesday, May 20th / 11am EDT

Design Against Extinction with Mitchell Joachim, Ph.D.

Mitchell Joachim, Ph.D. is Co-Founder of Terreform ONE and Associate Professor of Practice at NYU. Formerly, he was an architect at the offices of Frank Gehry and I.M. Pei. He has been awarded a Fulbright Scholarship and fellowships with TED, Moshe Safdie, and Martin Society for Sustainability, MIT. He was chosen by Wired magazine for "The Smart List” and selected by Rolling Stone for “The 100 People Who Are Changing America”. Mitchell won many honors including; Lafarge Holcim Acknowledgement Award, ARCHITECT R+D Award, AIA New York Urban Design Merit Award, 1st Place International Architecture Award, Victor Papanek Social Design Award, Zumtobel Group Award for Sustainability, Architizer A+ Award, History Channel Infiniti Award for City of the Future, and Time magazine’s Best Invention with MIT Smart Cities Car.

He's featured as “The NOW 99” in Dwell magazine and “50 Under 50 Innovators of the 21st Century” by Images Publishers. He co-authored four books, “Design with Life: Biotech Architecture and Resilient Cities,” “XXL-XS: New Directions in Ecological Design,” “Super Cells: Building with Biology,” and “Global Design: Elsewhere Envisioned”. His design work has been exhibited at MoMA and the Venice Biennale. He earned: PhD at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MAUD Harvard University, M.Arch Columbia University. Learn more about Terreform →

"Design Against Extinction" will cover topics from biotech architecture to resilient cities, how the work of Terreform ONE explores these climate related issues, and more.

Wednesday, May 13th / 11am EDT

The Future of Global Sourcing with Michael Robinson

Michael Robinson works at the intersection of packaging and product development, business, design and innovation strategy. Currently Michael serves as an independent board member of Ynvisible, the human insights consultant at FritzWater Vest and Director of Open Innovation & Business Development for Packaging Innovation at L’Oréal Americas.

The discussion focuses on how brands will need to rethink manufacturing in a post-COVID world. Will the current disruption of global supply chains and the way we solve it cause a rethink in the way we produce? Will our new appreciation of how interconnected the world is change the way we think about sustainability? Are there ways in which we can future-proof products?

Michael will bring his considerable experience in packaging, branding and sustainability for global health and beauty brands in helping us understand what our future will look like in materials.


What you can expect:

  • Join our EVP of Material Research, Dr. Andrew Dent, along with a panel of leading material experts and thought leaders for a detailed discussion on how these pivotal changes will affect your brand and what you can do to stay ahead
  • Gain valuable insight into new materials and manufacturing that aim to solve for these current and future extreme environments
  • Q+A following the conversations with our expert panelists


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    Andrew Dent EVP Material Research @ Material ConneXion

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    Mitchell Joachim, Ph.D. Co-Founder @ Terreform ONE

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