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Start-Ups: The Engine of Sustainable Innovation

About this event

Start-Ups: The Engine of Sustainable Innovation

Wednesday, August 18th / 2pm EDT

Start-Ups: The Engine of Sustainable Innovation A Talk with Three Materially Inspired Start-Ups Wednesday, August 18th / 2pm EDTThe start-up and entrepreneurial ecosystem is a driving force behind our economy - and we're recognizing their ingenuity, creativity, and passion in the month of August.

Start-ups everywhere are empowering local communities by challenging the status quo, facilitating connections, and contributing to economic dynamism by spurring innovation and competition. They're turning problems into opportunities to make an impact on our everyday life.

Join us for a conversation with Miranda Wang (Co-Founder and CEO of Novoloop), Sea F. Briganti (CEO, Chief Visionary and Co-Founder of LOLIWARE), and Valentina Gomez (Co-Founder and CIO of Werewool).

These innovative companies are pushing the boundaries by redesigning textiles and single use products to create new categories of high-performance materials with reduced environmental impact, enabling healthier products and experiences.

Our guests will share their stories and discuss how they're addressing plastic waste in the fashion, packaging, and polymer sectors. Let's come together to celebrate their milestones and learn how we can all better support the building of a prosperous society.


About Our Guests

Miranda Wang, Co-Founder and CEO of Novoloop

Novoloop is giving plastic trash new life. They transform packaging waste into high-performance materials used in shoes, cars, homes, and more. Recycled materials should not be inferior to virgin materials.

Novoloop materials perform like those made from virgin fossil fuels, contain up to 50% post-consumer recycled content, and reduce up to 45% carbon emissions. Their low-carbon manufacturing method offers meaningful sustainability while maintaining quality for consumers, brands, and the materials industry as a whole. Learn more at Novoloop.com

Sea Briganti, CEO, Chief Visionary and Co-Founder of LOLIWARE

LOLIWARE is an interdisciplinary pod of material scientists, food technologists, seaweed biologists, engineers, chemists, industrial designers, and futurologists. They combine seaweed intelligence with innovative manufacturing methods to create the plastic-free materials of the future.

For the past five years, LOLIWARE has been decoding the many material configurations and emergent market ecology of sustainable plastic alternatives. Learn more at Loliware.com

Valentina Gomez, Co-Founder and CIO of Werewool

Werewool is designing a revolutionary fiber development platform to create biodegradable fibers with tailored aesthetic and performance properties to mitigate the fashion industry’s environmental impact.

Inspired by nature, and utilizing the tools of biotechnology, Werewool is developing a platform to design fibers at the DNA level for sustainable textiles with inherent properties such as color, moisture management, and stretch, that meet the demands of today’s consumers. Learn more at Werewool.bio


What You Can Expect

Sustainability and circular economy are top of mind for manufacturers and consumers... but what does that mean for material scientists, engineers, and designers? How might we best address these issues?

#MCXLive is a series of discussions surrounding material and technology solutions that address the extremes our industries, and the world around us, continue to face with regard to climate change and raw material sourcing.


A recording will be made available to registered guests.

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  • Guest speaker
    Valentina Gomez Co-Founder and CIO @ Werewool

  • Guest speaker
    Sea Briganti CEO, Chief Visionary and Co-Founder @ LOLIWARE

  • Guest speaker
    Miranda Wang Co-Founder and CEO @ Novoloop

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