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Circularity and sourcing: A Q&A with forward-thinking brands

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Did you know that less than 1% of discarded clothing today is recycled into new clothing? Meanwhile, a truck load of clothing and accessories is either burned or dumped into a landfill every second. The need for change is greater than ever before, and developing circularity within fashion is arguably the most important step toward a more sustainable industry. Join our conversation with some brands who are making big strides when it comes to circularity as we dive into all of YOUR questions on how you can improve your business' operations around this critical concept. Our conversation will provide insights and inspiration around circularity to help you make the changes this planet needs so desperately. Register today!

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  • Guest speaker
    Tara Maurice Circularity R&D @ Coach

    Tara Maurice is a design strategist and educator working to shift the linear model of the fashion system. With more than two decades of design experience, Tara works with brands to educate design and development teams in order to create new circular products and sustainable mindset.

  • Guest speaker
    Rosey Cortazzi Chief Product Officer @ Aday

    Rosey studied art and design at the University of the Arts in London and then started her career at House of Fraser and the Arcadia Group in the UK. After that, she was Head of Merchandising and Logistics at Diesel followed by seven years at Nike in the Netherlands where she was General Manager of European Womenswear. Rosey has also worked at Levi Strauss, Espirit group, ISKO, and Heidi Klein. Fueled by her passion to create a more sustainable fashion industry, Rosey joined Aday as Chief Product Officer last November.

  • Team member
    Andrea Kennedy VP Sustainability @ Material Exchange

    Andrea Kennedy is VP of Sustainability at Material Exchange where she works to drive impact reduction and positive change for global fashion brands and suppliers. She is a sustainable fashion strategist, designer and educator with 28 years experience and has worked for many high-profile brands.

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