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Footwear & circularity: An interactive Q&A with top shoe brands

About this event

We're thrilled to welcome some of the top minds in the world of footwear as we discuss sustainability and circularity issues in the design and creation of shoes. Whether you're a footwear sourcing agent looking for low-impact materials or a shoe designer seeking ways to make more responsible shoes, this webinar will focus on tangible action points to reduce the impacts of the footwear you produce and sell. Register today and you'll get the opportunity to ask the experts your questions about making and remaking shoes that are better for your business and the planet!

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  • Guest speaker
    Casey Dworkin Founder & Creative Director @ Sylven New York

    Casey Dworkin is the Founder and Creative Director of the award-winning luxury earth-conscious footwear brand, Sylven New York. Known for its use of innovative plant-derived and vegan materials like apple leather and coconut husks, Sylven is working to reinvent the luxury supply chain one component at a time. Prior to launching her own line, Casey spent her early professional career working within small footwear and fashion companies, and attributes a lot of her early knowledge and experience to “being thrown in the deep end.” When she decided to launch a company of her own, she felt compelled to base her brand equally on craftsmanship, design, and mission – finally getting the opportunity to combine her affinities for both fashion and sustainability.

  • Guest speaker
    Tanita Gray Chief Executive Officer @ Shoe Waste

    Tanita S. Gray is a Creative Consultant based in Southern California. Her areas of focus include sustainable footwear design and development. As a Creative Consultant, she has worked with clients that manufacture in Spain, Italy, China, India, and Vietnam to name a few. Besides working on commissioned projects, Tanita serves as a writer, educator, and speaker on sustainable design innovating ideas on the future of the fashion industry and the reduction of fashion waste. In 2021, Gray launched Shoe Waste LLC to help footwear brands clean up their mess!

  • Team member
    Andrea Kennedy VP Sustainability @ Material Exchange

    Andrea Kennedy is VP of Sustainability at Material Exchange where she works to drive impact reduction and positive change for global fashion brands and suppliers. She is a sustainable fashion strategist, designer and educator with 28 years experience and has worked for many high-profile brands.

  • Guest speaker
    Andee Burton Senior Manager of Sustainability, Product Sourcing, Research & Development @ Caleres

    Andee Burton has been in the footwear industry for over 10 years in many different roles from design, development, and most recently a Senior Manager of Sustainability, Product Sourcing, Research & Development at Caleres. In her current role, she has the opportunity to work with amazing teams that represent Caleres’s 15 brands to create more eco-conscious products through their initiatives with environmentally preferred materials, supplier waste reduction, supplier social responsibly, and emission reductions.

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