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The digitization of the fashion industry

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Fashion has always been a dynamic industry, constantly changing according to the latest trends and styles. But its current transformation goes beyond the shades of color or types of materials being used - it's about how the industry operates. Fashion is undergoing a change to digitization, and it's not a simple process. Join Material Exchange's digitization team - Dejan Zvekic and Geng Geng - as they uncover the benefits and challenges the fashion industry faces in this transition as well as the tools and technologies being using to do it. Bring your questions and your curiosity for this fascinating session!

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    Dejan Zvekic Chief of Digitalisation @ Material Exchange

    I have over 10 years of experience leading digital transformation initiatives in the fashion industry. I'm passionate about leveraging technology to drive innovation, improve customer experiences, and increase business performance.

Material Exchange

Transforming sourcing

Material Exchange is transforming the way the fashion industry sources materials and products, making it more efficient, transparent, and sustainable.