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Metal Replacement: The Approach of RadiciGroup with Innovative Materials and Design Solutions

About this event

The use of engineering polymers for metal replacement is an issue of central importance that is receiving more and more attention in diverse industries. In sectors such as automotive, electrical/electronics, water management and industrial, to name a few, the use of thermoplastic parts means weight reduction, greater freedom in product design, CO2 emission reduction and, at the same time, higher performance. All this allows for considerable cost savings – and more: products may be disposed of more easily and have a greater opportunity to be reused and a longer life cycle. These are important features that can improve sustainability performance.

RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers is one of the most highly experienced multinationals engaged in the production and supply of polyamide and polyester engineering polymers around the globe, thanks to its worldwide presence and its research and development activities increasingly more focused on high performance polymers.

For years, the organization’s innovation portfolio has been driven by the objective to ensure both maximum performance and sustainability. These two closely related requirements determine the success of the products and services offered by the RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers Business Area.

This webinar will present the RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers materials portfolio specifically developed for metal replacement to solve the main application challenges in various sectors. A substantial part will be dedicated to illustrating the typical properties of thermoplastic polymers and a number of “design rules” aimed at optimizing component performance.

In conclusion, the use of CAE advanced simulation tools will be demonstrated. RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers can offer its customers this service to strengthen their development process and simultaneously achieve higher goals in lightweighting, safety and performance.


  • RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers at a glance
  • Metal replacement: materials portfolio
  • Metal replacement: design approach
  • Advanced CAE tools for material selection and part redesign
  • Case studies

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    Derk Steemers Sales & Marketing Lead @ Matmatch

  • Guest speaker
    Claudio Ghilardi CAE Analyst, Marketing & Technical Service @ RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers

    Since 2015 working for RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers in the field of CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) analysis where he provides to customers support and consulting for design, manufacturing and performance evaluation for components made with Engineering Polymers.

  • Team member
    Samir Jaber Content Writer @ Matmatch


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