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New recycled polymers providing high performance and sustainability: the latest RadiciGroup offering

About this event

Why attend?

If you are involved in the polymer sector, an advocate of sustainability, or simply interested in the latest developments in the material industry, then this webinar is for you

RadiciGroup will describe how their new product line of recycled engineering polymers is the next solution to the polymer industry’s challenge of reaching sustainability while maintaining adequately high performance.

While recovering polymer materials from post-industrial scraps has been a common practice in the industry, the challenge remains to recycle post-consumer (PCR) polymers and retain sufficiently high performance.

Although their properties are not always identical to those of virgin polymers, PCR polymers are vital in the industry’s progress towards a sustainable future.

Today, there is an evident need for regenerating end-of-life goods and recovering polymers from them that deliver suitable performance for many technical applications.

Pursuing such needs has been an integral component of RadiciGroup’s path towards sustainability.

With the introduction of their new Renycle® product line, RadiciGroup are proposing materials based on both:

  • PA6 obtained from post-consumer recycling (PCR) and;
  • PA66 obtained from post-industrial recycling (PIR).

The sources of these materials are what characterizes the Renycle® product range, which is the result of RadiciGroup’s long experience in post-industrial material recycling, together with its more recent experience in post-consumer recovery.

Which topics will we talk about?

In this webinar, we will talk to Mr Riccardo Galeazzi, Post-Consumer Product Manager and Mr Claudio Ghilardi, CAE Analyst, Marketing & Technical Service Professional from RadiciGroup. We will discuss:

  • RadiciGroup’s approach and strategies to achieve sustainability
  • nsight into how finished products are defined by their raw material source
  • The Renycle® portfolio of sustainable materials specifically developed for high performance comparable to that virgin materials
  • The Life-cycle assessment (LCA) approach to evaluating materials’ environmental impact
  • Ecodesign’s fundamental role in component sustainability, lightening, safety and technical performance
  • RadiciGroup’s advanced computer-aided engineering (CAE) simulation services for innovative ecodesign

Ask questions

You’ll also have the chance to ask your questions on the topic in a live Q&A session that follows the presentation.

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    Sabine Mair Matmatch GmbH

  • Team member
    Samir Jaber Content Writer @ Matmatch

  • Guest speaker
    Riccardo Galeazzi CAE Analyst, Marketing & Technical Service and Post-Consumer Product Manager @ RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers

    Riccardo Galeazzi has been the CAE Service Engineer and Post-Consumer Product Manager in the Marketing and Technical Service department since 2016.

  • Guest speaker
    Claudio Ghilardi CAE Analyst, Marketing & Technical Service @ RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers

    Since 2015 working for RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers in the field of CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) analysis where he provides to customers support and consulting for design, manufacturing and performance evaluation for components made with Engineering Polymers.

  • Team member
    Derk Steemers Sales & Marketing Lead @ Matmatch


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