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Selling to engineers: Using Ashby and spider charts to increase sales

About this event

Why attend?

Not every salesperson has a technical background. And that is okay. But as engineers are often involved in the buying process, it is important to know how to sell to them.

Engineers focus on different areas and speak a different language than a lot of the other involved stakeholders.

This webinar is there to bridge the gap between non-technical salespeople and technology focused engineers, so you can show and proof that your material is the best suited for their use case.

Which topics will we talk about?

During this webinar we will discuss how business developers, account managers, and salespeople can use Matmatch's material database to show that their product is the best possible material for an engineer's use case.

We will discuss:

  • How to compare materials on Matmatch
  • Which properties engineers pay special attention to
  • How to create and read spider charts
  • What Asbhy charts are
  • How to Ashby charts show which material is the best solution for an engineer

This will give you the tools, knowledge and experience to better address the needs of engineers when selling your products.


You'll also have a chance to ask your questions about Matmatch, comparing materials, and our charts.

Can't attend?

Can't attend the live event? Register anyway and you'll receive a recording of the webinar to watch later.

Hosted by

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    Derk Steemers Sales & Marketing Lead @ Matmatch

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    Sabine Mair Matmatch GmbH

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    Samir Jaber Content Writer @ Matmatch


Make better material decisions.

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