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Stainless Steel Components in High Temperature Applications: Controlling Emissions with Niobium

About this event

Are you aware of how niobium (Nb) contributes to controlling emissions when used as an alloying element in stainless steel, especially in high-temperature applications? The increase in the technical performance of materials can be critical to guarantee more efficient operations with lower emissions.

On this webinar, you'll learn how niobium-containing stainless steel can provide optimal performance at temperatures between 500°C and 1050°C. The increase in strength, creep behaviour, and weldability can be crucial for the performance of materials in such high temperatures.

If you work in the mobility or energy generation sector, it will be especially interesting for you to discuss such opportunities and insights!

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About CBMM | Niobium

World leader in the production and commercialization of Niobium products, CBMM has customers in over 40 countries. With headquarters in Brazil and offices and subsidiaries in China, Netherlands, Singapore, Switzerland and the United States, the company supplies products and cutting-edge technology to the infrastructure, mobility, aerospace and energy sectors. CBMM was founded in 1955 in Araxá, Minas Gerais, and relies on a strong technology program to increase Niobium applications, growing and diversifying this market.


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  • Guest speaker
    Caio Pisano Technical Market Development Manager @ CBMM

    Caio has more than 10 years of experience in the development and application of Stainless Steels, being responsible for several industry segments such as Automotive, Energy, Oil & Gas, Capital Goods and others. He is currently in charge of the global technical development of Stainless Steels at CBMM, where he is tasked with supporting the supply chain (steelmakers and final users) with the development of niobium (Nb) bearing solutions that could bring technical and commercial benefits to all players involved. He trained as a Mechanical Engineer with a Masters Degree (MSc) in Metallurgical Engineering, where his expertise is focused on deep-drawing operations.

  • Team member
    Samir Jaber Content Writer @ Matmatch


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