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About this event

Continue to deliver excellent customer support no matter what. Use automation to cushion the effects of quarantines and lockdowns on your customer service team.

Tilda Sander, Head of Growth at Mavenoid, will guide you through the most common problems customer service teams face during the Covid-19 crisis, and how AI automation can help overcome those issues.

Learn how to address these problems quickly:

  • Your technicians can’t do on-site visits due to quarantines
  • Sending in products for repair doesn’t work as technicians need to work from home
  • Customers can’t come in/send in their products as they're not allowed to leave their homes
  • Spikes in service demand: When dealerships that handle service are out of reach, customers will turn to manufacturers directly
  • Difficulties in providing the correct knowledge when your experts are not available or swamped

About Mavenoid

Mavenoid is a world-leading platform for automated technical support. With Mavenoid, companies allow their customers to get help and advice about products through incredible self-service. Partnering with some of the biggest brands in the world, today our technology is used to troubleshoot everything from robotic lawnmowers and digital cameras to trucks and cranes.

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Mavenoid is the world's leading platform for automated technical support