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NAPLAN Media Briefing Two, Thursday 10th of May

About this event

The Briefing

In recent weeks, debate has intensified over the value of the National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN). In the constant to-and-fro, there is little time to consider the underlying issues in depth.

With this in mind, the Media Centre for Education Research Australia (MCERA) is providing the second of two research-informed media briefings on NAPLAN and education policy, featuring leading experts on the key education issues at play in the NAPLAN debate.

This briefing can be used as both a professional development opportunity to gain greater background knowledge of the testing regime, and as a source for your stories on NAPLAN. At the end of the briefing, MCERA will provide the contact details of the experts speaking, as well as those of several other experts well-equipped to comment on NAPLAN.

It is advisable to register early, since there is an upper limit on attendees.


Briefing commences 10:00am AEST

Introduction – Dr Shannon Schedlich, MCERA CEO (2 minutes)

NAPLAN and Fairness In Education – Dr Glenn Savage (5 minutes)

The Challenges Posed to Teachers by the NAPLAN Literacy Assessment : Dr Jessica Mantei (5 minutes)

What NAPLAN Can and Can’t Tell Us – Dr Steven Lewis (5 minutes)

How Much Does NAPLAN Tell Teachers About Student Achievement? Associate Professor Jihyun Lee (5 minutes)

Talks end at 10:25am AEST

Media questions (up to 20 minutes)

Briefing ends at 10:45am

Please note:

  • Content from the briefing is on the record. You will also receive access to a recording of the briefing.
  • Researchers' contact details will be provided at the end of the briefing, along with those of several other experts with insights on NAPLAN.
  • During the talks, you can ask questions via the questions feature. Start it with the name of the person it's directed to, followed by what you wish to ask. Time constraints permitting, these questions will be answered by panellists during the question period at the end of the briefing;
  • During the question period, you can direct your questions either as above or request to activate your audio and video to ask the panellists questions directly;
  • It is recommended you use Chrome, Opera or Firefox. If you wish to appear on video and audio, its is advisable to use Chrome.

Should you require any further information, do not hesitate to get in touch with Scott Arthurson, MCERA's media officer, at scott.arthurson@mcera.org.au.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    SS G
    Shannon S CEO @ MCERA

    Dr Shannon Schedlich has experience in government, community engagement, universities, change leadership and governance reform. She has held a number of positions across government, including as a senior political adviser and Ministerial Adviser (Education).

  • Team member
    SA T
    Scott Arthurson Media Officer @ MCERA

    Scott Arthurson is the moderator for this media briefing.

  • Guest speaker
    GS G
    Glenn Savage The University of Western Australia

    Dr Glenn Savage is a senior lecturer in public policy and the sociology of education at UWA. He will speak on NAPLAN’s dual role in both promoting understanding of equity issues in education and limiting the scope of this understanding.

  • Guest speaker
    SL G
    Steven Lewis Deakin University

    Dr Steven Lewis is a Research Fellow at Deakin University. He will speak on the dangers of focusing on NAPLAN as the sole measure of school and teacher effectiveness, and the difference between what NAPLAN can viably measure and tell us and what it is being used for.

  • Guest speaker
    JL G
    Jihyun Lee UNSW

    Associate Professor Jihyun Lee is an educational pyschologist and a specialist on assessessments such as NAPLAN and PISA. She is based at UNSW Sydney. She will speak on the degree to which NAPLAN data can inform teachers of students’ academic achievement.

  • Guest speaker
    JM G
    Jessica Mantei University of Wollongong

    Dr Jessica Mantei is an educational researcher in language and literacy at the University of Wollongong. She will speak on the challenges that the NAPLAN literacy assessment generates for teachers, schools, and education systems.


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