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The Need for EPR: Improving the Circularity of Mattress Production

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Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) schemes are one way to ensure that businesses remain accountable for their products (and any associated packaging) even beyond the point of selling them. These schemes push manufacturers and retailers to contribute to the cost of collecting, moving, recycling and disposing of their products at end of life, or end of use.

Join Sleep Expo Middle East in this webinar as experts from across the borders discuss how one can improve the circularity of mattress production.

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  • Guest speaker
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    Lucie Porcelli Business Sustainability Leader EMEAI @ Dow Chemicals

  • Guest speaker
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    Frederik Lauwaert Managing Director @ European Bedding Industries Sssociation

  • Guest speaker
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    Sundaresan Srinivasan Secretary @ Indian Sleep Products Federation

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    Megha Anthony Editor