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The World Mattress Industry

About this event

According to research by CSIL Market, in the last ten years, the world mattress market has been one of the most rapidly growing sectors within the total furniture industry - mattress consumption increased by +43% during the period 2010-2019 actually - and, when compared to past crisis periods, mattress consumption rebounded quicker than other furniture segments.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought an inevitable decrease in retail sales worldwide. However, the increased focus on health has led to an increased focus on sleep. As a result, an upward trend of online mattress sales and the concept of mattress-in-a-box was predicted in major and emerging markets.

To know and understand more about this, MEFPU Expo 2021 & Urethanes Technology International are hosting an exclusive webinar where the speaker Giulia Taveggia, CSIL Market Expert will offer an exclusive view on the World Mattress Market.

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    Giulia Taveggia Furniture market researcher @ Csil

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    Simon Robinson