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Lifestyle at body + soul with Juna Xu

About this webinar

Juna Xu covers everything from diet and celebrity health news to fitness and wellbeing as a content producer at Body + soul. She will be appearing on Insider on Wednesday 12 August from 2pm - 2.15pm.

Body + soul is one of Australia’s most popular websites and print magazines covering health, lifestyle, wellness, beauty, parenting and relationships. The print version can be collected inside a copy of the Sunday Telegraph. 

In this episode you will learn:

  • The types of stories Juna is interested in
  • How to pitch Juna
  • How content moves across the print and website publications

Got a question for Juna? Register for this episode and you’ll be able to ask questions to Juna during the webinar and get a live answer.

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    Elliott Richardson Deputy Editor @ Influencing

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    JX G
    Juna Xu Body and soul

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