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Science and Tech PR with CNET's Jackson Ryan

About this event

From Climate change to Covid boosters; from the future of plastics to the future of the SpaceX program, CNET's science division takes a detailed look at cutting edge science.

Science editor Jackson Ryan joins Influencing Insider on Wednesday 18th May at 2pm to discuss:

  • What CNET covers
  • How to pitch stories to CNET
  • The best time to pitch CNET

About Jackson Ryan

Jackson Ryan is the Science editor of CNET. Much of his recent reporting has explored new vaccine technologies, dispelling myths about safety, addressing fear mongering about virus variants and explaining how science will see us through to a "new normal" post-pandemic. In addition to his work on the coronavirus pandemic, Jackson’s long-form story Journey to the Dragon Palace - which follows the Japanese Space Agency’s mission to return ancient asteroid samples to Earth - has been recognised among this year’s top science journalism entries.

About CNET

CNET Australia is consistently number one visited technology website in Australia. It is an engaging, relevant and trusted destination for people who are passionate about improving their lifestyle using technology and consumer electronics. It is published by CBS Interactive.

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  • Guest speaker
    Jackson Ryan Science Editor @ CNET

    Jackson Ryan is CNET's science editor and gets incredibly excited about CRISPR and all the robots across our solar system. Yes, he is a real-life doctor but trust me, he never tells anyone about it. His wardrobe is full of terrible, ugly christmas sweaters and he makes no apologies for it.

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    Elliott Richardson Deputy Editor @ Influencing

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