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Who Won The First Ever Lockdown Black Friday?

About this event

2020 will be the first ever Lockdown Black Friday, making it even harder for brands to plan their marketing investment so they are one of the winners during these unprecedented times.

Since 2018, we have written an expert report on the digital winners and losers of Black Friday based on our exclusive Digital Demand Tracker. We have also been using the same technology to advise our clients of changing consumer demands during lockdown so that they stay agile in their growth marketing investments.

So this year we are going to combine the two into one bumper report- a review on Black Friday winners and losers covering more than 300 brands in fashion, beauty, technology, supermarkets and department stores, plus unique insights on how consumer demand has changed during both lockdowns. This report will help brands to better prepare to grow everyday in the agile digital economy they now operate in.

If you would like to join us at the exclusive launch of our report then please register here. All attendees will be given a copy and can arrange a session with one of our data experts to request some bespoke insights.

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    Adam Freeman Managing Partner @ MediaVision

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    Matthew Platts Managing Partner @ MediaVision

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    Louis Venter CEO @ MediaVision


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