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Building a secure multi-tenant GraphQL API on top of Memgraph

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Join the Memgraph Community Call to hear Steeve Bete from Orbit talk about how they built a secure multi-tenant GraphQL API on top of Memgraph. Orbit, a comprehensive community platform, leverages Memgraph to organize and explore its complex network of data. This integration enabled them to develop their latest offering, Community Search, which delivers a 360-degree AI-powered search experience.

Steeve Bete has been working as a Senior Software Engineer at Orbit for the past 2 years and during that time, had the opportunity to play with a lot of fun and intriguing techs such as LLMs & Memgraph. Fun fact: Outside of coding, he enjoys gardening, although he admits his engineering skills far surpass his green thumb.

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    Steeve Bete

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    Katarina Supe Developer Experience @ Memgraph

    DevRel, graph enthusiast and foodie who loves learning new technologies and enjoys using them in interesting everyday use cases.


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