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Constructing a Digital Twin for Smart Buildings with Memgraph

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Join us for this insightful webinar to learn how integrates Memgraph into its operational technology (OT) stack to enhance the efficiency and innovation of smart building management. This session will explore how Memgraph is utilized for storing and retrieving critical building data, scanning Building Automation Systems (BAS) for point information, and experimenting with alarm dashboards.

We will discuss the integration of these technologies within the broader framework of a smart building digital twin—a dynamic digital replica that merges IT systems, OT stack, IoT sensors, and third-party data with insights about processes and occupants.

Learn how this comprehensive model facilitates a more responsive and adaptable environment in smart buildings and how graph technology is a game-changer in the digital twin revolution. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore Memgraph's transformative potential in the future of smart building technology.

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  • Guest speaker
    Michael Marganelli CTO and Co-Founder @

    I am the CTO and Co-Founder of, an ICS integration and security company, for the last 3 years. I oversee our technology systems and develop integration software to talk to 3rd party vendor platforms. Prior to starting, I was the Director of Integrated Systems for BGIS, working with Professional Services on energy management initiatives and the Public Private Partnership sector working on hospital and courthouse systems for 7 years. Prior to joining BGIS, I was with Johnson Controls working again on healthcare and courthouse building systems. I have an extensive background in healthcare specific building systems. I have a software engineering background, as well as working with highly integrated systems and independent security research into BAS systems. My formal education is in control systems, software design and automation. I hold a Bachelor of Technology from the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

  • Team member
    Katarina Supe Developer Experience @ Memgraph

    DevRel, graph enthusiast and foodie who loves learning new technologies and enjoys using them in interesting everyday use cases.


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