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Exploring the Lightning Network with Memgraph

About this event

In this presentation, Vincent from Amboss Technologies will demonstrate how Memgraph can be leveraged for payment pathfinding in the Lightning Network. The session will begin with an overview of the lifecycle of a payment channel, accompanied by custom visuals illustrating the network's unique pricing structure and routing constraints. Following this, Amboss' recent research on channel balance prediction will be discussed, highlighting how Memgraph is used to benchmark its pathfinding service against the majority implementation, LND. While the session will mainly focus on pathfinding, the presentation will conclude with a discussion on how Memgraph will be used in future experiments to enhance the decision-making process for node operators in the Lightning Network.

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  • Team member
    Katarina Supe Developer Experience @ Memgraph

    DevRel, graph enthusiast and foodie who loves learning new technologies and enjoys using them in interesting everyday use cases.

  • Guest speaker
    Vincent D Senior Data Scientist @ Amboss Technologies

    Vincent is the Senior Data Scientist at Amboss Technologies, where he works on projects like Pathfinding-as-a-Service and Hydro, a liquidity automation service. His work mainly centers around transforming data from the Lightning Network into actionable insights for node operators. Previously, he worked with IBEX, a Bitcoin PoS service, as a backend engineer. There, he transitioned the platform from using a 3rd party custodian for on-chain funds to an in-house solution.


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