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Getting started with Memgraph and Python

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Through this course, you will learn how to create a graph model from a dataset, run Memgraph with Docker, connect to it from a Jupyter Notebook with the help of Memgraph's Python client - GQLAlchemy, and perform simple queries. You will explore the dataset that holds information about movies and users' ratings.

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    Katarina Supe Developer Experience @ Memgraph

    DevRel, graph enthusiast and foodie who loves learning new technologies and enjoys using them in interesting everyday use cases.


Fastest, Most Affordable Graph Database. Light & Powerful. Tuned for Dynamic Analytics Environments.

Memgraph is a dynamic, lightweight graph database optimized for analyzing data, relationships, and dependencies quickly and efficiently. It offers a rich suite of pre-built deep path traversal algorithms and a library of traditional, dynamic, and ML algorithms tailored for advanced graph analysis.