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Memgraph Webinar: AstraZeneca - Accelerating Drug Discovery With a Biomedical Knowledge Graph

About this event

Join us for the special Memgraph Webinar and learn how AstraZeneca ingests data sources in the Biological Insights Knowledge Graph (BIKG) and distributes it to data scientists and domain experts. You will also find examples of how this knowledge graph assists scientists in therapeutics development.

About the speaker:

Michaël Ughetto is a graph data scientist at AstraZeneca working in the Biological Insight Knowledge Graph team. With a background in particle physics and machine learning, Michaël is interested in graph and geometric learning. Currently, he is focusing on applying graph technologies to drug discovery challenges.

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    Vlasta Pavicic

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    Katarina Supe Developer Relations Engineer @ Memgraph

    DevRel, graph enthusiast and foodie who loves learning new technologies and enjoys using them in interesting everyday use cases.

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    Matea Pesic Memgraph

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    Ante Javor

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    Kruno Golubic

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    Dominik Tomicevic CEO @ Memgraph

    Hey there 👋. I'm Dominik Tomicevic, computer scientist, CEO and co-founder of Memgraph, a high-performance graph database company based in London, UK. I'm passionate about building distributed systems, highly concurrent and lock-free algorithms and data structures. P.S. I love graphs!


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