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Track Data Lineage With Graph Technology

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MANTA Flow is a unique data lineage product that can automate scanning and analyzing interconnected systems such as databases, ETLs, and reporting systems, and shows how the data flows amongst them. The backend used in MANTA Flow is a graph database, as it allows flexible relationships and fast graph traversals across the data. The talk introduces data lineage use cases and shows how data is represented in a graph database and how we use graph database features for fast and efficient data processing.

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    Ani Ghazaryan Content Marketing Manager @ Memgraph


Build modern, graph-based applications on top of your streaming data, in minutes.

Memgraph is an open source graph database built for teams who expect highly performant, advanced analytical insights - as compatible with your current infrastructure as Neo4j (but up to 120x faster). Memgraph is powered by an in-memory graph database built to handle real-time use-cases at enterprise