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Integration excellence: Tips and tricks for customer success and support teams

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Supporting and creating customer success after your customers start using your product integrations is just as important as building and maintaining them.

As part of the customer support and success teams, it’s crucial to provide the best customer experience and support when it comes to the integrations you offer. What are the key steps to seamlessly onboard your customers and what escalation paths do you take in partnership with Merge? This webinar will cover that and more.

Join Amy Leung, a Customer Success Manager at Merge, and Yash Gogri, a Solutions Architect Merge’s Customer Success Manager, to learn the following:

  • The value and benefits of Merge to your customers
  • Merge’s security
  • Steps to onboard your customers to start using your integrations
  • How to use the Merge Dashboard to identify and resolve customer set-up errors
  • Paths of escalation for support

This is the final part of a 3-part webinar series with Merge where you’ll learn how to successfully socialize your integrations across all your GTM teams after implementation.

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How to Socialize Integrations to your GTM Teams

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One API to add hundreds of integrations to your product

Merge is one API to add hundreds of integrations to your product. Merge’s platform makes secure data access easy by offering Unified APIs across key software categories, including HRIS, accounting, CRM, file storage, and more.