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What Workato got wrong | Why embedded workflow platforms can’t solve customer-facing integrations

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The rise of low-code workflow automation software promised to simplify internal integrations with a 'drag and drop' approach. Yet, as these platforms expanded into customer-facing integrations, termed 'embedded', they have struggled to support critical use case functionality.

Join Merge co-founder and CEO Shensi Ding for a candid discussion of embedded workflow software’s shortcomings, including:

  • Differences between ‘one-to-one’ and ‘all-in-one’ integrations solutions
  • Why low-code platforms struggle to support critical use cases
  • Why workflow editors can lead to poor customer experience
  • Why maintenance is more difficult with embedded workflow editors

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    Anthony Lagana Product Marketing

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    Shensi Ding Co-Founder @ Merge

    Co-Founder @ Merge


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